I'm Harrison, an Email Marketing Expert for online coaches.

I started out quite differently from most other copywriters…

I was closing high-ticket products for e-commerce coaches. And my first “copywriting project” was to update the company’s CRM email sequence as a closer.

More direct headlines, more captivating leads, a strong call to action…

And we were surprised by an immediate increase in response rate to our pre-call emails!

Fast forward to today, copywriting is my way to continue my passion for personal development, sales, human psychology, and persuasion. It allows me to online coaches, just like you, to get more clients and impact more people at the same time.

And here are a few things about me:

I work to understand the challenges, needs, and interests of your market. I combine more than 2 years of online high ticket sales experience with my copywriting skills. I have talked to hundreds of REAL prospects 1:1 and dug DEEP into their pain points and desires. This means you can rest assured my emails speak directly to your clients and influence them to take action.

I write content that turns your readers into clients. I’ve sharpened my sword with coaching from some of the best mentors in the copywriting community. I was trained by Jay White, Dan Lok and personally coached by Sam Robson and Tyler Ryan. This means you can be certain that the email copies I write for you will product the best results possible.

It’s really about being a positive asset to your team… Whether it’s providing feedback, brainstorming or finding new ideas for your marketing, I thrive off of bringing value to the clients that I trust. This means you get a partner that brings a fresh mind and perspective to your business.

What about you?

Enough about me… what about you? How would you like to reach to your ideal clients? What are your needs when it comes to email marketing?

Want to share your ideas with me? Let’s connect!

“ Harrison did an exceptional job writing social media scripts for our company. We really liked how he smoothly incorporated some difficult keywords into the scripts. Highly recommend his work to anyone looking for copywriting services. ”

Saarim Asady

Founder - Influence Digest Media

“ When we were working together, Harrison was always professional, engaging, and friendly. A particular aspect of Harrison’s performance that really stood out to me was his care for his work. Without fail, every piece of his work was thoughtful, succinct, and motivating. ”

Adam Doyle

Area Director - Toastmasters International

“ What I got to say is that Harrison has this attitude of pushing through boundaries and adversities. For every project, he always comes with the angle of how he can add value to us and what gives deep answers and insights. ”

Brandon See

Business Development Coach - Valiant Consultants

” Harrison is a student of his craft and applies a persistent work ethic to whatever challenge he is faced with. It is a pleasure working with Harrison on any project as his attention to detail, studiousness, and passion for helping others shine through the results he creates. “

William Odhams

Senior Consultant - Copywriters.com