Save 30% on Your Next Money Making Freezer

Dear Restaurant Owner:
Take a look at your last month’s electricity bill. How much it’s eating up your profit margin and leaving slim to none to yourself after all the costs?
If the answer is “Too Much!” then you’ll want to try ACME GreenWind Freezer, the most energy-efficient commercial-grade walk-in freezer on the market. It can reduce your electricity bill by 10%-20%, so that you have catch up with your cash flow, invest in new products lines and expand your business.
Harman Singh of COPA CABANA says, “with how much we are saving now, the GreenWind Freezer will pay it off by itself in less than 5 years.”
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What’s so special with the GreenWind Freezer? Here’s why it won the “Most Energy-Saving Award” by Canadian Trade Association:
✔ Nano-cell technology uses 20% less energy than most competitors. With the saving on your electricity bill, you can see an increase in net profits within 30 days or less.
✔ Build-in backup battery that allows you to have performance at 85% for 72 hours. How much food storage do you have in the freezer? This will cut the risk of spoilage in emergencies.
✔ Holdable modular design allows you to install in less than 20 minutes, and it also becomes an eye-catching element in your kitchen. Why not let it wow your customers?
✔ Reversable doors on both entrances, you and your employee’s safety come first!
GreenWind Freezer will be an energy-saver for your restaurant business, put you at peace even in emergent situations, and make your kitchen shine with modern design.
What would extra cash flow do for your business?
Our customers are calling this a “game changer” for their business. What would extra cash flow do for your business? Reward your hard-working employees? Invest in more marketing? Giving your family a treat? It’s all up to you.
And here’s our promise. 7 years from your purchase, we will take care of maintenance and any damage, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits GreenWind can bring to you.
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Best Regards,
George Meledes
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