How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Sales Training Company

In this digital age, content marketing is one of – if not the – most effective way to ensure that your product or service is seen. When done correctly, content marketing can be a hugely effective tool, exposing your brand to potentially millions of new customers.

As a sales training company, you probably already know a lot about sales. You know exactly what drives a purchase; how to make people want to buy your service, so you should know just how powerful content marketing can be.

The thing is, content marketing can be a very broad topic. Sure, the principals remain somewhat similar, but do you know what the different types of content marketing are, or how you can use them to your advantage?

Don’t worry – throughout this guide, I’ll share with you 3 ways that you can make use of clever content marketing, driving more sales and potentially sky-rocketing your sales training company to success. Let’s start by taking a closer look at just what content marketing is:


Content marketing: an overview

Content marketing is the act of creating new, appealing and engaging content that generates an interest in your brand or company. You’re not creating an advertisement; you’re creating a piece of original content that will rope your audience in whilst selling the benefits of your product.

For example, rather than creating an explicit, targeted ad that directly commands an interested party to purchase a product, you could create an in-depth blog post on a similar topic or niche. Whilst the blog post won’t necessarily tell you to buy something, it could subtly indicate some advantages that the product will have on your life.

Content marketing doesn’t JUST have to be blog, though we’ll get into that later. Content marketing does, however, need to be gripping and informational – in some cases, it will offer something back to the audience (such as instructional posts or fun how-tos).

Let’s take a look at 3 distinct types of content marketing, the benefits that each method will provide, along with anything else you’ll need to get your next big marketing campaign underway.



Emails are a very traditional way to generate interest in a company, product or service; they’ve been effectively implemented ever since email chains existed, and for good reason: it works.

Think about it: if somebody is already on your email list, they already have an interest in your company. By sending new pieces of content, you’re taking steps to further their interest in your brand, potentially driving even more sales.

When you create email content, you absolutely must make sure it’s relevant, targeted and useful to the reader. Generally, potential clients won’t appreciate unsolicited emails that offer no value to them, even if they signed up to an email list. They’ll be expecting quality content that benefits them in some way – you could provide your email subscribers with exclusive content that they would be unable to find from another source.

Creating an email content marketing strategy can take a lot of time, and might even require a large upfront investment. Keep your hopes up, though, as traditional email marketing has a return of investment of up to 4000%.

Other benefits of a content-driven email campaign are:

  • It will establish authority. You’re proactively providing customers with relevant information, so why would they need to look anywhere else?
  • It will nurture readers. By providing them with the content they signed up for, you’re nurturing their interest which, in turn, will lead to sales.
  • It will drive traffic to your sales page or blog site.



Don’t let the content creation stop at an email campaign, as blogging can also be an incredibly effective tool. Creative blogging won’t just improve your SEO rankings, placing you higher up on any search engine results page, but it will build a natural interest in any service that you provide.

The best blogs are the ones that tackle issues or subjects with a unique perspective; readers are much more likely to visit your blog if it offers a new take on a certain topic or niche. Similarly, you need to create interesting content that actively encourages your audience to read on.

In order to build a successful blog, you will need to post regularly. The more content you release, the more interest you will inevitably generate – in fact, maintaining a blog can generate more than 80% more leads for your company!

The ROI on a blog largely depends on whether you write the content yourself, or if you pay for an external writer to create content for you.

Actively blogging will:

  • Create MANY more leads
  • Drive traffic to your sales page

White papers

White papers are not as commonly seen as email campaigns or blog sites are, but don’t let that deter you; it could be an untapped market.

A white paper is essentially a thorough and detailed essay on WHAT a problem is, and HOW you plan to solve it. As a sales training company, you could release an in-depth white paper that explains what the disadvantages of untrained sales staff are (the problem), and how proper training can benefit the company (the solution).

The primary benefit of a white paper is that it establishes authority on the topic at hand, painting you as an expert in the field.

Due to the in-depth analysis that goes into the creation of any white-paper, they can be more expensive. Despite the additional cost, they can still prove to be an incredibly beneficial method of content marketing.

One advantage of releasing white papers is that it will frame an issue thoroughly and precisely, allowing you to connect with your audience and show them that you understand their needs. You’re providing them with a sense of trust in you and your business, allowing you to build up brand recognition.

Another advantage of using white papers as a part of your marketing strategy is that they can be an unbiased analysis of the topic at hand, academically releasing a vast array of alternative solutions, while subliminally suggesting your brand as the optimal answer.



All in all, content marketing is one of the best ways to generate interest in your brand. Engaging content is much more valuable to a consumer than a standard ad would be – especially if they can learn something from it.

Your audience will be much more likely to click away from or ignore an obvious ad than an original, unique piece of content, which is why you should be putting more effort into using content marketing as a way of generating interest.

If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, all you need to do is send me a message or book in a call with me; we’ll be able to plan a content marketing strategy that works for you.