Post Sign-up Email Series

The goal of this project is to nurture leads over a 4-week period after they download a whitepaper. It sends emails to encourage them to read whitepaper, share information on the company and eventually offer to book a consultation call.

Project Type: Email Series

Blog Post

The goal of this project is to share similarities between sports and sales. The article touches on 3 strategies that inside sales managers can learn from top sports coaches, along with detailed explanation and examples from other companies. 

Project Type: Blog Post


The goal of this project is to update client’s lead magnet document. It includes expanding and re-organizing the content, and re-designing the format. The document provides insights on effectively hiring sales talents. It lays out a 5-step process of evaluating a candidate in an interview. 

Project Type: E-Book

Blog Post

The goal of this blog post was to capture given keywords and drive organic traffic to the website. Keywords include UX Honeycomb, user experience, design criteria, Peter Morville.  It touches on Peter’s UX Honeycomb and expands its meaning.

Project Type: Blog Post

Direct Response Sales Letter

The goal of this project is to sell new energy-saving freezer to restaurant owners. The main selling point is its energy saving feature and strong guarantee (7 years guarantee). The main pain-point for the target audience is low profit margin and maintenance cost on freezers.

Project Type: Direct Response Sales Letter

Research Article

The goal of this project is to find a unique approach to discuss the effect of road salt on the environment. The project includes research on various sources such as Environment Canada and other journals, and applied two angles: political economy and governance.

Project Type: Research Article

Blog Post

The goal of this project is to share insights on the truths about dropshipping. It prepares readers on 5 aspects of dropshipping – budget, niche, strategy, motivation and time commitment. It aims to provide clarity and guidance on the reader.

Project Type: Blog Post

Video Scripts

The goal of this project is to attract organic traffic to the company’s LinkedIn page. They cover productivity and high-performance tips for sales professionals in insurance, real estate, and mortgage industry. Each script also has a soft call-to-action to sign up for the webinar.

Project Type: Video Scripts

“ Harrison did an exceptional job writing social media scripts for our company. We really liked how he smoothly incorporated some difficult keywords into the scripts. Highly recommend his work to anyone looking for copywriting services. ”

Saarim Asady

Founder - Influence Digest Media

“ When we were working together, Harrison was always professional, engaging, and friendly. A particular aspect of Harrison’s performance that really stood out to me was his care for his work. Without fail, every piece of his work was thoughtful, succinct, and motivating. ”

Adam Doyle

Area Director - Toastmasters International

“ What I got to say is that Harrison has this attitude of pushing through boundaries and adversities. For every project, he always comes with the angle of how he can add value to us and what gives deep answers and insights. ”

Brandon See

Business Development Coach - Valiant Consultants

” Harrison is a student of his craft and applies a persistent work ethic to whatever challenge he is faced with. It is a pleasure working with Harrison on any project as his attention to detail, studiousness, and passion for helping others shine through the results he creates. “

William Odhams

Senior Consultant -